Saturday, 19 February 2011

Wash your hands

Dot has engrained it into my memory that I should wash my hands after having a pee but that was rarely possible when a milkman.
I always had an ample supply of drinks from my customers and would also drink a pint of gold top daily but that meant you needed a few pit stops on your dash around the houses. I did have the use of a couple of outside loos, there were a few about in those days but out in the country and up and down quite tracks meant you could stop the float and have a pee into the bushes. Twice I got caught with my little acorn out. One delivery was up a track where I used to drop of a couple of pints into a crate at the end of a long drive. No house about, just nice Kent countryside so the ideal opportunity to have a pee. One day I did and was startled by someone whistling and then calling out “morning milky”. It was embarrassing but she did not seem to mind as she had a big smile on her face and had come up to collect her milk and pay the bill. Another good stopping point was in a quite lay by; I would take a little walk behind the bushes and have a pee in the field. As I stood there with the little acorn doing his business I was suddenly aware of eyes on me. I looked up and to my horror a double decker bus had stopped in the road alongside me and a load of schoolgirls were peering down and giggling at me from the top deck. One thing for sure , you see life and I remember one customer letting me use her loo when I called back for some money, I have never in all my life seen such a dirty toilet but from outside the house you would never have had that impression.

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