Saturday, 26 February 2011

Women in the milkman's life

To stop any confusion I should point out that I had two different wives while I was a milkman and a very loving little sister who looked after me between marriages. When I first started as a milkman I was married to a girl named Rosalind but everyone called her Sophie because of her likeness to Sophie Loren. The marriage lasted a few years and then we divorced.

It was at this stage that Dot my second wife came into my life. She was the opposite of Sophie, a very good manager where money was concerned and a born organiser. She had lost her mother when she was only twelve and had taken on the role of looking after her father and brothers at that early age. She had become a fantastic cook by the time I met her and she even helped to pay some of my outstanding bills at that time. From day one I have had that infinite trust in her as she did with me. I cannot lie to her because she can read my face like a book. Many people said our marriage would not last because we were opposites but we have been together for thirty five eventful years and have a son and daughter. My daughter has given me a very artistic grand daughter who will hopefully take over Sevenoaks Art one day.

Now my little sister is another story all together :0)

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